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NOVEMBER 11, 2023


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At CrossFit WorkShop, we like to give back to the community and honor the heroes that ensure our freedom and safety on a day to day basis.  Our workout events happen multiple times a year and give you the chance to give back to those who have served us.

Many of our service members come back home and do not realize the support and assistance that is out there for them. Our mission is to connect as many veterans as possible with organizations in Houston that serve them. Our veterans deserve as much support as they can get and we want to show them all of the resources that are available to them.

Join us this year at Vets & Mets while we honor our veterans and to give it all we've got during this year’s fun and exciting competition!

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Vets And Mets is a two day event that showcases and highlights veteran non-profit organizations and any other organizations in the Houston area that serve our veterans.

We host a two day expo and CrossFit team competition with proceeds from the competition benefiting a veteran organization.

Our annual workout events is the best way to motivate yourself and the people around you to stay in shape and to make a difference in the lives of our veterans who have done so much for us.



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We have a number of organizations that we have involved in the cause, so far. MAVS, Team Never Quit, DAV, and LFT VET just to name a few. Our event is geared towards promoting and increasing the exposure of veteran non-profits and organizations. That list is grows every day.

Our goal is to keep growing the event and continue bringing recognition to the organizations and nonprofits that are out there to support our veterans. We try to invite, and include, as many organizations as we can. If your organization is interested in joining, please contact us for more information!


You get a free Vets & Mets shirt when you register! Honor our heroes and look good while you do it! #TakeTheChallenge

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A Vet & Mets Logo

NOVEMBER 11, 2023

3915 McKinney St.
Houston, TX 77023

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